Bigg Boss 8 All Update January 31 2015

Written episode and written update for Bigg Boss 8 from January 31, 2015

After welcoming everyone to the Bigg Boss Halla Bol grand finale, Farah Khan enters the stage and announces that the season has concluded after 132 days. Voiceover plays as tape of Ajaz tormenting Ali is shown. He thought he would take over the house, but Ali’s struggle with him prevented that from happening, the voiceover continues. After 4 months, we had 5 finalists.

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made Ajaz make a mistake, he used violence and was eliminated, then it is shown how Sana was eliminated, how Mahek’s essences failed and he was eliminated, how Rahul flirted with Tanna but got caught up in relationships and was eliminated, how the final challenger Sambhavna was eliminated, and how the five champions ultimately stood. One of the finalist GAUTAM PRITHAM ALI DIMPY KARISHMA will today. cut off ends.

Farah Welcomes The Former Participants

Farah welcomes the former participants, who applaud as she explains that the votes are still being counted. She adds that the winner will receive $50,000, but we will also learn who will receive $25,000. Farah adds that tonight is entertainment night, so let’s watch how the makeover team interacts with the prisoners.

Farah enters the make-up room where she encounters a costume designer, a hair designer, and a make-up artist. She addresses the inmates and tells them, “You are finalist, you entertained all, this night is for you people, so I want you all to get make over.” She tells Karishma, “You are Deepika Padukone of BB8.” She tells Gautam, “You are craze in people.” Farah tells the artist Playing is abhi to party shuru hai.

Karishma Is The First To Emerge Fully Attired And Sporting A New Hairstyle

Karishma is the first to emerge fully attired and sporting a new hairstyle. She claims that everyone has called her selfish, but when did she say that she would make others famous rather than herself? Next, Gautam appears, sporting a new hairstyle.Pritham then appears dressed, saying, “I was known by my voice but my face got recognition in the house. Dimapy then appears with a new haircut, saying, “I got many names in this home but how to tell you that is hard to not involve in house. Farah then enters and commands, “Lights, camera, action.

Malika arora comes on stage, she dance on anng lagade re, then Dimpy and Karishma comes on her back, they trio dance on song ang lagade re. dance ends then malika says enough of boys boys, now i will show my curves to Ali, Gautam and Pritham, first Ali comes on stage and says his famous dialogue sunno (listen), he dance with malika on je meinu yaar na mile, then Pritham comes and dance with her, he kisses her hand, then Gatuam comes and sings we love we love Gauti, he lifts Malika and dance with her. female finalist come, the five finalist dance together on je mainu yaar na mile with Malika.

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finalists come in graden, fireworks starts, they cheers, they find drinks there and raise toast, Gautam says cheers to bigg boss, the sit on sofa. bigg boss says we congratulate the finalists, you five entertained people for 132 days, you all are winners, soon you will get to know who will be winner of this season, but first we want to make you meet your old moments, clips starts playing. first Pritham’s young age pictures are shown, all laughs, then his mother’sA message that I’ve called Pritham Winkle, who has been mischievous since childhood and is a genuine friend, plays. We all love you, and we always used to think that you would be an actress, then Karishma’s pictures of Gautam are shown, and Mohit, his brother, says that he is quite mischievous.Karishma breaks down when pictures of her father are exhibited; her mother describes her as a driven individual who has always aspired to be first. After seeing pictures of Ali, his brother claims that Ali has always been a mischievous, vivacious person. When Dimpy’s photo appears later, her sister claims that she was an always-obedient child who always followed her parents.Then Pritham’s wife claims that she and Karishma are friends and that Bigg Boss is only a game. Finally, Gautam’s mother declares that she is happy that her son is Gautam and that he is not selfish.Ali’s brother then claims that Ali entered the profession against the wishes of his family. Dimpy’s sister then asserts that Dimpy always acts with integrity and never quits. Dimpy’s mother then sends a message in Bengali wishing for her to become the next major boss. Gautam then enters the room.tears, Karishma’s mother says, “I count the seconds until my daughter returns,” Karishma sobs, and then Pritham’s son gives him a flying kiss as the video ends.

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